Watches Are More Than Just Keeping Time

If you’re one of those people who pull out a phone and say you don’t need a watch because your phone tells the time, please leave now.

Have you ever sensed that there’s an undying horological enthusiast within you, just waiting to delve deeper? You’re in good company.

Hello, fellow ‘Time Keepers’! I am Joseph Colella, the soul behind Expert Dive Watch. Just like you, my earliest memories of being obsessed with watches was when my dad gave me his old mechanical Seiko in the late 1970s and I pulled it apart to try and fix it – I was 7. And no I broke it even more but my curiosity was peaked then and never waned.

Ever since then, I found myself entranced by the ticking (or sweeping) hands of time, wondering if I’d ever unravel the mystique encased in every watch movement.

joseph colella bio expertdivewatch
Joseph Colella – Chief Time Keeper

But here’s the truth: Every winding, every tick, and every tock is a voyage into the heart of precision and style.

“Dive Deeper Into Time” isn’t just a motto; it’s our shared journey.

Venture into curated collections and insightful reviews tailored for aficionados like us.

Discover timepieces that blend rugged elegance with unyielding performance.

Traverse through the annals of horological marvels from quintessential Swiss craftsmanship of Omega and Tudor, to the indomitable spirit of God-tier brands like Casio, Seiko, and Citizen.

Watch as I try to revive brands such as Manchester Watch Works with their iconic divers.

With each curated piece and shared story, we don’t just admire the art of timekeeping, we become part of a legacy that defies the fleeting seconds.

Join a community that believes in the boundless allure of dive and field watches. Together, let’s explore the essence of time, tick by tick, and unveil a realm where every second is a masterpiece awaiting our appreciation.

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