Citizen dive watch with yellow dial

What is the Citizen dive watch with a yellow dial? (answered!)

I frequently see people asking on forums “What is the Citizen dive watch with a yellow dial?” There are two Citizen watches with a yellow dial, the Promaster 200M and the Citizen Eco-Drive Professional Diver’s 200M. There is also a vintage version called the Citizen 21J Automatic ProMaster (as seen in the image). In this post I will go into a little more detail about each of the two more modern versions of the watch and highlight some of the more common pros and cons as provided by daily wearers of these fantastic dive watches.

The Citizen Eco-Drive Professional Diver’s 200M watch with a yellow dial

This watch was introduced to the market in 2004, it is a highly functional watch with features like 200M water resistance and Eco-Drive, which means that there are no batteries required for this watch. If you can’t find this model at your local AD, there are plenty of non yellow dial models still for sale on Amazon and eBay.

The Citizen Promaster Professional Diver’s 200M watch with a yellow dial. 

This watch was introduced to the market in 2010 as an updated version of the older citizen dive watches. This model has some slightly more modern looking design elements such as Arabic numerals instead of index markers at 12 and 6 o’clock, elongated hour hands and very slightly thicker case lugs.

If you can’t find this model at your local AD, there are plenty still for sale on Amazon and eBay.

Gold, Silver and Black variations of the Citizen Promaster and Eco-Drive 

While some people ask about the yellow dial versions of both watches, they do come with other dial colors.

The Promaster 200m comes with a black dial and mineral crystal. It also has yellow accents to set it from the previous designs that came out in 2007 but have otherwise remained unchanged since then.

The Citizen Eco-Drive Professional Diver’s model is available with a Gold or Silver dial, both of which are coated with anti-reflective coating on the inside of the crystal along with Superluminova lume on the hands and hour markers/numerals for legibility at night.

Alongside these two watches there is also an Automatic Professional diver version (a large watch by citizen standards) that comes with a Blue dial and sapphire crystal and retails for around $2700 USD.

Pros and Cons of the Citizen Eco-Drive Professional Diver’s


  • Solar power – say no more.
  • Super comfortable, even on the bracelet – solid feel and very nice fit for a modern watch with a slightly retro look.  
  • Lume is very good.  It comes with a luminous dial, hands, markers, and bezel. It is also water resistant for up to around 300 feet deep.
  • Very deep case at 16mm makes it sit high on the wrist making it ideal for those who like to wear their watches higher up off of the wrist and flat against their arm or chest (whereas some divers/watches are better suited to being worn lower down around 8-10 o’clock).
  • Excellent quality movement that can be serviced easily by citizen (they also give a 5 year warranty for mechanical issues).
  • It also has a rotating compass that can help you know where you are diving and how to get back home if you want to leave your tank or wreck dive.
  • The glass is scratch-resistant and able to withstand even pressure from greater depths.


  • The date window is very small and hard to read.
  • Most of the cons for this watch are more related to manufacturing faults rather than the design. It is a pretty robust watch.

Pros and Cons of the Citizen Promaster Professional Diver’s 200M watch


  • Solar Power – does not need any kind of battery replacement for 10 years so it saves you money in the long run unlike most other watches that need batteries every few months.
  • This watch is very big. I don’t like big watches, but this one is good. It has the classic dive watch size and shape. That’s why I like it.
  • The watch has a large face with a strap that does not look complicated because it is simple and straightforward.
  • In general, this design is very appealing. The whole thing is simple and striking.


  • The universal hate surrounding this watch is the price. You can get a watch like this for much cheaper.

However, if you want beauty, functionality and style all in one package then the Citizen Promaster Professional Diver’s 200m is definitely it.

Price range for these watches

These two watches are very similar to each other, but they are not exactly the same. They have different faces, straps, and cost differently compared to one another.

Instead of buying two watches with almost the same thing in it you can get one that is filled with all of those qualities that you want. The Citizen Promaster Professional Diver’s 200m is able to combine function and style into one watch.

You can buy them for as little as $250 second hand. If you want new and original the price can go as high as $400. They are not very expensive at all and that is part of what makes them so popular to get.

Citizen Promaster Supporting Video

In this video they review the Citizen Promaster NY0040-25Y Yellow dial and the stainless steel Citizen Promaster NY0054-04E Black dial.


Citizen has created a watch with great style for everyone who wants a good looking timepiece on their arm.

When it comes to durability they are able to withstand almost anything that goes across its way.

These two watches look just like each other but they do have some differences. The best thing about this watch, besides how attractive it is, is that it will never need any batteries because they run off solar power.

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