Why are divers watches so popular? (Answered)

When we hear someone asking why are divers watches so popular we first think that this person has never worn one before! What we need to be doing is dig deeper and when we do we find the real reason why divers watches are so popular stems from their origin as a tool watch. Tool watches were and still are designed to be robust and strong while also being lightweight and can be taken anywhere. What more do we need? Plenty more, read on to learn why divers watches are so popular.

They are meant to be inexpensive and be worn every day and not just when diving. Diver watches are also popular as they have a timeless design that started back in the 1950’s and 60’s and have never gone out of fashion. Lastly, James Bond also wears a diver watch so who are we to argue?

Diver watches are affordable

You can buy a well made diver watch with a 200m depth rating from very reputable brands at a price most people can afford.

While the skyrocketing prices from likes of Omega and Rolex divers are becoming out of reach for many buyers, there are plenty of well made diver watches from reputable brands to fill that void.

Brands such as Seiko with their SXK range through to higher end Seiko Prospex range, Orient Ray and Mako divers, Invicta with their Rolex inspired designs, Citizen watches, Vostok Amphibia and Steinhart just to name a few.

There are plenty of low end Swiss divers such as Tissot and Oris. You do not have to spend thousands on an Omega or Rolex to own a great diver watch.

diver watches are durable

Everyone I have asked who owns a low end to mid level diver watch tells me they love them because they do not need to baby the watch.

The diver watch feels equally at home working at a desk, going for a bike ride, doing yard work, playing with the kids and doing serious sports. You can knock them and unless you did some serious damage, you will hardly do any damage to them that would prevent them from working.

diver watches are tough

Once when I was away on vacation, I knocked my Seiko SKX007 on the corner of a granite kitchen bench top, it slightly scratched the dome but the watch continued to work as designed and I was able to go snorkelling for 5 more days.

I remember doing something similar years ago with a dress watch and the glass cracked and the automatic movement started gaining 3 seconds a day.

I own quite a few Seiko divers such as the SKX007 and SKX013 plus an Omega Seamaster 300 Professional. I’m just drawn to the classic design and both my Seikos and Omega are built like a tank.

The next reason why divers watches are so popular is that because they are tool watches they are extremely durable and water-resistant.

The most basic of diver watches have a 50m and most come in at a 100m minimum.

Diver watches can be worn in many settings where other watches wouldn’t be appropriate.

They also have a sporty association given that they were originally used for diving, then military personnel used diver watches and then movie stars and sporting figures.

Given their links with extreme sports and the military, diver watches are also built with sturdy wrist traps with strong lugs to ensure that the dive watch will not fall off your wrist if hit.

They are also super light weight and while they may look bulky, they feel as comfortable as a light plastic digital watch.

diver watches are versatile

You can wear diver watches in all but the most formal of occasions where a tuxedo is required and even then my Omega would not look out of place.

Diver watches usually have a larger display and you can tell the time in all conditions. With a great lume ob even the cheapest of diver watches you can tell the time in total darkness.

The rotating bezel is also functional once you know how to use it. I have used a rotating bezel to help me time cooking meals (yes I am not joking), working out how much time I have left to do something, work out North when I did not have access to a compass (actually you can do that with any analogue watch dial).

Lastly, diver watches are iconic. You know one when you see one and even if you don’t know what one is, when you see someone sporting a diver watch, it just stands out.

diver watches are simple

Divers are by design very simple. While some manufacturers manufacture divers with additional features such as GMT, chronograph, day/date, the most iconic diver watches are simple with just a blue or black ceramic dial, a date function and that is it.

This is the sort of design that appeals to people who prefer understated watches but still want to show a level of quality on their wrist.

diver watches are fashionable

The other main reason divers watches are so popular is that the look is back in fashion. With the astronomical prices being paid for Rolex Submariners and the low availability of stock worldwide, people are enjoying showing off their status symbol as a form of social proof.

And it’s not just men wearing diver watches, they are now even more popular with women sporting what was considered a size for men (39mm to 45mm) rather than the tiny 36mm sizes designed for women.

divers watches are popular because we just like them

When it all comes down to it, diver watches are so popular because we just like them. There is something that attracts us all to the look and function of a diver watch.

I will always wear one.

Why Are Diver Watches So Popular – Wrap up!

While the diver watch is as popular as ever, it is being challenged by military grade watches such as G Shocks and other quartz movement watches that perform more reliably in extreme conditions. Luckily, these kinds of watches may compete better in the field and under water but they are too ugly and bulky under a suit. And that is why James Bond will always wear a diver watch, and I doubt you will ever see him sporting a G-Shock.

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