by Douglas Kim was a fantastic resource for so many watch lovers since July 2013. Built on the the cornerstone belief that high quality luxury watches with timeless designs can be exclusive but also attainable for the masses and every day watch lovers, especially dive watch lovers like you. were also featured on many well known and respected websites such as TechCrunch, featuring the MWW Iconik 3 watch. The last quarter of 2017 saw the launch of the professional line of watches – BELUGA. The BELUGA professional line of watches used Swiss mechanical movements and were assembled and tested in the USA. They also featured some higher end accessories.

Around 2019 ManchesterWatchWorks stopped operating as a micro-manufacturer of fine watches and the website was left to lapse. The good news is that is now part of – the new go-to resource for all watches, micro brands, and of course dive watches and dive computers.

Watches for Sale

While I currently do not have any watches in stock, I am sourcing as many original Manchester Watch Works (MWW) watches available and looking to refurbish them for sale.

There are some articles that complement both websites, and I will be aiming to revive the ManchesterWatchWorks or MWW brand and learn as much about the watches sold, liaising with previous owners and also new visitors wanting to learn more about MWW and where we can go from here.

Want to learn more about what happened to Manchester Watch Works? Click here to learn more.

Feel free to read some of the latest articles in ExpertDiveWatch (EDW).

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