When to wear a diver watch (answered)

The beauty of a diver watch is that it has a classic look that has been around for over 50 years and is instantly recognizable. With a rotating bezel, variety of colors and sizes to suit any size wrist you can find one to fit under most garment types. The readability of the dial is fantastic and most have a lume that can make telling the time super easy no matter how dim the lighting is.

When to wear a diver watch? A diver watch can be worn any time you like.

To me a a dive watch is a good every day watch to wear. You can rest assured that it was designed to withstand the extremes of water sports and so it should be robust enough to be worn as a daily wearer.

There are plenty of examples of dive watches needing restoration as they have lived a “full life” in the water as intended. These days you can guarantee the owner of any new Rolex Submariner will keep their watch safely hidden away in a box and maybe taken out once a year.

Don’t be that guy.

Can you wear a divers watch with a suit?

It comes down to personal preference. Contrary to popular belief, I believe a diver watch looks great with a suit, when dressed casual and even when you feel a little sporty in shorts and a simple tee shirt.

You don’t have to be James Bond to wear a diver any time you want

Most fashionistas will state that only a dress watch should be worn with a suit and perhaps only James Bond would get away with wearing a dive watch with formal wear.

I tend not to agree with fashionistas, even though I own many dress watches, they all sit in a drawer these days gathering a little dust. For me it comes down to personal preference.

Wear what you like.

Why do people wear diving watches?

Why do people wear diving watches when they aren’t actually diving, or even weirder – they never dive to start with.

I believe they mostly wear a diving watch as a status symbol, especially with the recent crazy rise in values in various vintages of Rolex Submariners, Tudor subs and Omega Seamasters.

Outside of being a status symbol, a dive watch is quite a robust piece of equipment and before we started seeing the likes of a Rolex Submariner or Omega Seamaster costing tens of thousands of dollars, these were traditionally considered “tool watches” that would and could be worn as a daily wearer.

Even lower end diving watches from Seiko, Orient etc carry similar design queues to the higher end brands that make them look pretty nice on the wrist.

I personally own a 2018 Omega Seamaster 300 with the black enamel face as a daily wearer. I refer to it as a desk diver as it has only tasted ocean salt water once in its lifetime.

Not that I am afraid to get it damaged, I just prefer to wear a lighter digital watch with a silicon strap when I go swimming or diving. You are also better served with a dedicated dive computer if you are a serious diver.

Is it weird to wear a diver watch every day?

Just because a watch is categorised as a diver watch, it does not mean it can only be worn when diving.

The same applies for chronographs, they too look great any time of day and occasion.

Why limit wearing one when racing? And how many racing drivers are out there anyway?

People wear Pilot watches all the time and nobody is questioning them if they aren’t flying a plane.

Dive watches are super durable, most are made of steel or titanium they can be super light in weight and are designed to withstand the pressures of the deep sea from 100m in depth for most entry level dive watches to the Omega Ultra Deep Professional that can go as deep as 15,000m which is way deeper than a human ever could dive!

Can you wear a diver watch under a suit?

While the fashionistas cry that a diver watch is too bulky and large, they fail to realise that diver watches come in all sizes and heights. There are plenty of thin dive watches on the market.

If you wear a slim diver like a quartz diver or a mechanical diver without a display caseback then these will usually be about 10-12mm thick and will easily slide under the sleeve cuff of any business shirt – I know as I wear one at work and I have no issue.

Would I wear an Omega Planet Ocean dive watch under a suit? At 15 to 16.5mm thick I probably wouldn’t. I tried one on whilst wearing a business shirt and it did get caught on the sleeve.

Whereas an Omega Seamaster tends to slide easily under. The same applies for a Submariner and most other divers out there that would be classed as a ‘desk diver’.

Some dive watches can be a bit more stealthy as they are sub 39mm. This means they will fit under most suit cuffs and nut bulge out. Take a look at 10 of the best dive watches 39mm and under.

If you wish to wear the classic look of a diver but would like a smaller watch, one that is smaller in diameter and thickness, then a vintage diver would work for most suit wearers as these tend to be on the smaller side (around 39mm) compared to their modern versions (42-45mm).

When to wear a diver watch – Wrap up!

When people tell you that you can’t wear a diver watch unless you’re diving then these people do not understand watches and watch collectors. They especially don’t understand the love one has for a diver watch.

I for one will wear a diver watch any time I feel like it and I will not be listening to anyone who tells me that I shouldn’t.

If people can wear suits with no socks, then you can wear a diver watch whenever you feel like it.

Now you know when to wear a diver watch but if you want to know why diver watches are so popular then click here.

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